Hemp + Oats Cream (NEW)

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One use and my bumps are gone

I got this after being recommended on tik tok and trying countless of creams. I get these nasty bumps with white heads on my face. After my nightly shower and put a thin layer on because a little does go a long way I noticed. In the morning my bumps were 98% gone. This is the only product I used on my face. I use it daily as a moisturizer and only a little bit. So really not that expensive $$. I’m guessing this jar will last me a couple of months. I no longer use my expensive ass serum from keihls and the cream from tatcha since this one product is really holding me down. This product worked its magic in one night. I’m a true believer and will repurchase.


I honestly would pay more money for this. The feel and finish of this cream is like no other and the scent is marvelous. I only use it as a moisturizer and has kicked the kiehls ultra hydrating cream I used out the window. Love the inclusivity of this brand, and that us men are not pushed to side how many other brands do. Not a single product of shaheen organics has failed me and this has be ordering every month like clockwork. I am on my twelfth order within a span of 4 months.

Melanie Cruz
The cure to my random bumps

I used to get these tiny bumps on my forehead and near the sides of chin. Sometimes they were itchy and I noticed that it happened a lot when near my moms cats. I was using the first aid cream and that was okay but bumps were still there. It just relieves some of the itchiness.
With this miracle cream, my itchiness went away AND the bumps went away with the itchiness too. When I tell you I was SHOCKED. The best part is that this cream is not heavy at all. It’s thick but when my skin soaks it all up, my skin is super duper soft. No sticky residue or greasy residue. You have to try it to understand what I’m saying. This can knock any cream in the skincare business because this is real luxury. Unlike any other cream I have tried including lamer